RSS Newsfeed added

An RSS Newsfeed has been added to the website. This feature allows for users that have an RSS newsreader to access the feed and be updated on new features automatically. We have also added an email subscription option for the RSS news feed. This will allow a visitor to receive email updates on new features.

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Standard Recipe Report Added

The new recipe report is for standard users to use. It allows for the printing of the full recipe list for a specific head office. The recipe report breaks the recipes down into their ingredients and ingredient usage. This gives a good indiction of what ingredients are used with all recipes and to make sure that recipes are consisten across the group.

The report can be ordered by selling item name or PLU code.

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Speed Of Service Report Added

The Speed Of Service Report gives a breakdown of the average time it takes to open and close a table for service. The report is broken down in half hours and gives the summary of time taken in minutes and seconds. This report is great for finding out what times are busier and specific times that service is slower.

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Multiple Selection of Store feature added

Users can now select multiple stores out of a group. The standard report parameters included either a Store Group or a Store itself. Now the user can select 1 or more stores out of a group and run the reports based on them. The parameter has been added as a sliding out feature. This allows all the stores to be shown or hid with a toggle action.

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Ingredient Usage Report Added

The Aloha POS Ingredient Usage Report shows the breakdown of ingredients that were used over a specific date range across multiple stores. So it will show the total amount of purchase items used across all the selling items sold.

This item is usefull in getting an idea of how the stock is being used up and what raw purchase items are in high demand.

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PLU Exception Report Added

The exception report displays all of the selling items of a store that does not correspond to those of the head office. It is a valuable report for quickly finding out what items should be changed so that certain group level comparison reports can be made viable.

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Recipe Maintenance Report Added

The IdealPOSReports reporting system can now print the complete recipe list and ingredients out in the Recipe Maintenance screen. The same report will be made available at standard user level.

Recipe Maintenance Screen added

The new Maintain Recipes screen allows the administrator to recreate the recipes of the products that they sell. These recipes are made up of the purchase items and the fractions that make up the recipe. These fractions will allow following reports to show how much of a specific purchase item was used up during a day.

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4 Extra profit calculation fields add to Product Mix Report

The Product Mix report of the IdealPOSReports POS reporting system has received an additional 4 fields. These fields use the costing information of the Selling Items screen to show profit margins per sale across day, date range, one store or the complete store group.

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Purchase Items admin screen added to POS

Users can now maintain a list of purchase items for their store group. This allows a franchise to control the list of items that they sell and the cost price of it.

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Selling Items Maintenance screen added

The Point Of Sales system can now maintain selling items with the PLU, Product Name and Cost Price. This allows big franchises to synchronize their Aloha product setups so that reports can be compared more accurately.

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Store Code field adjusted

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Product Mix Tooltips added for PLU Codes

The Aloha POS now has tooltips in the Product Mix report to highlight any Product descriptions from a store that does not match up with the head office descriptions.

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Precise Store Counter Added to reports

The store counter is upgraded to only show the number of stores that have actual data that are part of the report.

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Averages per head added to Sales Summary Report

The Averages Per Head can be seen in the Sales Summary Report. It also calculates the total including and excluding VAT/GST.

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Growth Comparison Report added

The Growth Comparison report is a very informative report on growth trends. It allows the user to compare the growth between two date ranges or two months that are a year apart. Different types of Sales Totals can be compared as well.

inTouchLink server upgraded

The IdealPOSReports server has been moved to Germany. This allows for faster international traffic, more traffic cap and more powerful hardware.

Store Counter Added to reports

All reports now have the number of stores within a group added to the report header.

Royalties column added to Total Comparison Summary Report

The Royalties percentage gained for a specific store has now been added to the Total Comparison POS report.

Royalty Percentage and Total Type Added to store screen

The Royalty Percentage and the Total that it is based on has been added to the store admin screen.

Labour Report saves user total preferance

The Nett or Gross selection will now be saved for the user.

Secure Bookmarked URLS Redirected

Bookmarks of secure pages will not work now if not logged in. This has been added to improve security and stop session breaks.

Daylight Savings Time option added

The Daylight Savings Time option has been added for the user screen. This will automatically update the server time offset for report dates.

inTouchLink Aus GMT updated

The Point Of Sales system’s GMT offset has been updated to fit with the server’s location in the US. The user has his own GMT offset and the report dates are calculated based on these.

Time range selection added to Product Mix

The Product Mix report can now be selected with a time range as well. So the report might contain a date range and only 10:00 to 14:00 may be selected if required.

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